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Hokkaido Azuki Mochi Pint

Azuki Mochi ice cream is the fusion of the traditional Mochi pieces with Hokkaido Azuki beans from Japan. A unique chewy indulgence!


Caramel Crème Brûlée Mochi Pint

The most famous French desserts Crème Brulée combined with delicate Mochi pieces brings you a unique chewy ice cream indulgence!

Only Extraordinary Ingredients For The Ultimate Flavor

Extraordinary’s not just what we put in, it’s what we leave out. We only use clean label, kitchen-friendly ingredients (that’s all the real stuff!) to make ice cream like no other.

Ice Cream Like No Other

Häagen-Dazs ™ have been making ice cream like no other since 1961. Click here to watch the story so far.